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World Aids Day 2021, What Are The Conditions Of People With Hiv Aids In The Pandemic Time?

World AIDS Day is celebrated every December 1. World AIDS Day is celebrated so that people are more aware of the dangers of HIV and AIDS.

People with HIV/AIDS, commonly referred to as PLWHA, are a group that is vulnerable to various diseases due to their weakened immune system. PLWHA is easily infected with various kinds of viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus. It is even stated that the awareness of PLWHA against the COVID-19 virus must be twice that of healthy people in general. This is because comorbidities/comorbidities that are commonly found will exacerbate the risk of death if exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

However, PLWHA are reminded to continue to be optimistic in facing this pandemic. They must implement health protocols, 3M, 3T, and vaccinations. Vaccination is very important for PLWHA considering they are a vulnerable group, but it must be ensured that the CD4 white blood cell count must be more than 200 before vaccinating. This is related to the stability of the condition and endurance of people living with HIV, as well as minimizing side effects that may arise due to vaccination. PLWHA are also required to take antiretroviral (ARV) regularly, namely drugs that can slow the progression of the HIV virus. In health facilities in big cities, such as Jakarta, PLWHA can do multi-months, namely getting a prescription for 2-3 months directly on one arrival. In addition, PLWHA must also adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as consuming foods high in nutrients, exercising regularly, avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, getting enough rest, and reducing excess stress.

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