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Identify Various Blood Sugar Levels Tests And Types That Are Suitable To Do At Home

High blood sugar or glucose levels in the body are a risk factor for diabetes. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, monitoring blood sugar levels regularly is one way to prevent the risk of diabetes.

There are various types of blood sugar tests, including:
1.) Temporary blood sugar test - to monitor glucose levels in diabetics,
2.) Fasting blood sugar test - as the first test to diagnose diabetes, and is done after fasting for 8 hours,
3.) Blood sugar test 2 hours after eating - to assess insulin sensitivity in controlling blood sugar levels,
4.) Hemoglobin A1c test - to determine the average blood sugar level in the last 2-3 months, by measuring the percentage of blood sugar bound to hemoglobin,
5.) Oral glucose tolerance test - for diagnostic test for gestational diabetes in pregnant women

The easiest blood sugar test and possible to do at home is a temporary blood sugar test. This is because it does not require special time and preparation. This blood sugar test uses an instrument called a glucometer. You do this by sterilizing the finger from which the blood will be drawn with an alcohol swab, wait 5-10 seconds to dry, prick the finger with a needle and a voting device, drop the blood on the glucose strip pad attached to the glucometer, wait 10-20 seconds, the results will appear on the screen. glucometer. Results less than 200 mg/dL means normal blood sugar levels, and >200 mg/dL means high blood sugar levels.

mDoc is preparing a Home Monitoring Program for Diabetes, where patients can check blood sugar levels at home independently but are recorded automatically into the system using an FDA-certified device, making it easier for patients to save medical records for checking blood sugar levels and monitoring sugar levels. blood without any hassle.