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How To Cure Diabetes? Recognize Alternative Remission

Diabetes is a disease that can affect anyone, both young and old. Apart from genetic factors, the main factor causing diabetes is an unhealthy lifestyle, such as excessive sugar consumption to obesity. Those who already suffer from diabetes must maintain their blood sugar levels because this disease cannot be cured. It can be said that diabetes is permanent or lifelong. However, diabetes can be controlled, by adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking medication.

However, diabetics do not have to take medication for life because they have a remission phase. The remission phase is a condition in which the body does not show any symptoms of diabetes at all.

Based on information from the American Diabetes Association, diabetes remission is divided into 3 types:
Partial remission: patients can maintain lower blood sugar levels than normal diabetic patients for 1 year without treatment.
Complete remission: the patient managed to maintain normal blood sugar levels (as in healthy people) for 1 year without treatment.
Prolonged remission: the patient is in complete remission for at least 5 years.

To enter the remission phase, diabetics need to change a healthy lifestyle to maintain their blood sugar levels, including: eating a balanced diet, reducing foods that trigger blood sugar increases, exercising regularly, weight management, and a low-carb diet or reducing carbohydrates.

The main thing, diabetics should check their blood sugar levels regularly to find out their health condition. With the Home Monitoring Program-Diabetes by mDoc, patients can check blood sugar levels at home independently but are recorded automatically into the system using an FDA-certified device, making it easier for patients to save medical records for checking blood sugar levels and monitoring blood sugar levels. without the hassle