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Do This Diet To Protect Yourself From Hypertension

Launching Edemedicine Health, hypertension cannot be cured and must be controlled. This is to reduce the risk of other diseases such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, etc.

The way to control hypertension is with a healthy lifestyle and drug consumption.

Examples of healthy lifestyles include consuming healthy foods, not smoking, reducing caffeine consumption, doing physical activity, and maintaining weight.

As for the consumption of drugs, patients are required to take blood pressure control drugs. Treatment can be long-term or lifelong. The drug must be taken regularly according to the doctor's prescription. You must also pay attention to the rules for using drugs, such as how to take medication, dosage, frequency, and differences in drugs taken for the long term (blood pressure medication) and short term (drugs to relieve symptoms). The use of drugs is also adjusted to the age, condition of the patient, and the severity of hypertension experienced.

If hypertension medication is not taken according to the doctor's prescription and the rules for using the drug, it is feared that side effects and interactions with food will occur.

Hypertension drugs have different doses in milligrams whose consumption is adjusted to the patient's usual blood pressure range and determined by the doctor. If the patient takes the drug without a doctor's prescription, it is feared that the dose will be wrong and cause the drug to not work optimally, or it can even lower the patient's blood pressure drastically which causes the patient to become dizzy, weak, and even faint. Inappropriate use of drugs also worsens the condition of hypertension.

We recommend that you regularly check with your doctor at least every 6 months or once a year.

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