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Important! Let's Do Early Detection Of Tuberculosis In Children

1.1 million out of 10 million people with TB worldwide are children. Indonesia itself is ranked third in the world with the most TB cases with 10-15% of the total cases occurring in children aged 0-14 years.

There are 2 stages of TB in children. The exposure stage, often does not cause symptoms, especially in children with strong immune systems. The active stage of TB disease occurs when the immune system weakens, bacteria multiply, and cause symptoms. However, children with weak immune systems such as HIV and poor nutrition are more susceptible to infection.

Unlike adults, the symptoms of TB in children are not always coughing. Usually children infected with TB bacteria have early symptoms of lack of appetite, stunted growth, and no weight gain for 2-3 months. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) in 2013 explained that the continued symptoms of TB in children were fever for more than 2 weeks or several times in several weeks, cough for more than 3 weeks, weight did not increase for 2 months or more, night sweats, weakness , not energetic, inactive, there is a lump around the neck or under the jaw due to swollen lymph nodes.

To diagnose it is necessary to do the Mantoux test, which is to inject a tuberculin solution under the skin, wait 48-72 hours. If the lump enlarges >10mm at the injection site, it can be concluded that the child has been or is currently infected with TB bacteria. To be more certain, it is necessary to carry out other examinations such as physical examination, chest X-ray, and examination and sputum culture.

Children's health is an important aspect in the lives of children and families. If your child shows the above symptoms, book a visit immediately, choose an appointment with a pediatrician, and have an examination. Book a doctor's consultation through the mDoc application, get an offline consultation, without queuing up for bookings, and prioritize doctor consultations. Fast, safe and convenient.