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Cooking Oil Is Expensive, Treat It For Your Health

After facing the scarcity of cooking oil, Indonesia is now faced with the availability of cooking oil but at an inflated price. This has an impact on the food needs of the community where frying is one of the daily cooking methods.

However, people should not need to worry, because this moment can be used as a moment to "get healthy" by changing cooking methods or replacing cooking oil with other types of oil that are healthier.

According to experts, the body needs 25% fat from total daily calories, with the ideal limit of oil being 5 tablespoons or 60 ml per day. If we consume more oil than our daily needs, it will be bad for the body.

What are the effects of consuming excess oil on the body?
1. ) Triggers heart disease, related to cholesterol and saturated fat that triggers the formation of arterial plaque and causes coronary heart disease
2. ) Trigger diabetes, because too much oil can trigger blood sugar to rise drastically, also complicate the work of the hormone insulin in controlling blood sugar levels
3. ) Increases the risk of obesity, because the consumption of fried foods in excess amounts will accumulate fat and oil in the body
4. ) Adding toxins in the body, because fried food cannot be processed perfectly and leaves traces in the digestive organs
5. ) Trigger coughing, because it causes accumulation of acrolein compounds which can trigger allergies and irritate the throat and airways

Come on, from now on live healthier by reducing oil consumption, by changing the cooking method to steaming, boiling, or cucumber; replace the type of oil with olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, or peanut oil; and consultations related to nutrition and daily calorie needs with nutritionists through the mDoc application.

mDoc has a teleconsultation service with nutritionists that makes it easier for people to manage a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition. Download mDoc via the App Store and Google Play.

Now, cooking oil is expensive, not a hindrance.