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Easily Tired Due To Lack Of Sleep, These Tips For Have Enough And Quality Sleep

Do you know that the quality of sleep can affect our health conditions? Adults are recommended to have 7-8 hours of sleep per day. If less than that, various health risks can be experienced, ranging from cognitive disorders, mental health disorders due to increased stress hormones, to heart health problems such as high blood pressure.

Here are tips so that you get enough and better quality sleep:
1. ) Create a sleep schedule
You can make a schedule for sleep and wake up. Try to sleep and wake up in the same time every day
2. ) Make the room conditions cool and dim
The hormone melatonin that triggers sleepiness will be released by the brain more when the conditions around the body are darker and colder
3. ) Bed only for sleeping
Use the bed only for sleeping, not for anything else, so that the brain gets used to the bed system the same as sleeping
4. ) Avoid playing cell phone
Put the phone before lying on the bed. Besides cellphones being distracting, radiation from cellphones is also not good for the eyes
5. ) Take a warm shower before bed
Skin contact with warm water will send a signal to the brain to lower body temperature and release the hormone melatonin
6. ) Don't eat and drink
Leave a time for heavy eating and last drinking a maximum of 2 hours and 1 hour before going to bed, so that the body has time to digest food and does not cause discomfort in the stomach at night, and avoids the urge to urinate before or during sleep.
7. ) Create a stress management schedule
If you have a lot of tasks, schedule for heavy tasks today and finish them, followed by lighter tasks tomorrow. Do not do heavy tasks in a row so as not to trigger stress
8. ) Less caffeine consumption
In addition to having a 'not sleepy' effect, caffeine is also a diuretic
9. ) Avoid alcohol consumption
Alcohol will damage by changing the circadian rhythm and affect the balance of sleep through an increase in the hormone adenosine in the body

Those are some ways to improve the quality of your night's sleep that you can try so that you wake up in the morning fitter and more energetic. That way, you can be more productive through the day.

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