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Things You Need To Know About Drinking Water

Water is a vital need for human life processes so hydration is part of the body's main work priorities. However, many people do not understand the recommendations and prohibitions on drinking water.

Normally, a person needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Lack of water in the body can trigger dehydration which can increase the viscosity of blood flow and trigger an increase in the work of the body's organs to cause chronic disease and even death.

These are informations of the recommendations and prohibitions on drinking water to meet the body's fluid needs
1. ) Drink after waking up
2 glasses of water after waking up can get rid of toxins and free radicals that have accumulated overnight
2. ) Drink before eating
Drinking 1 glass of water before eating can cleanse the digestive tract so that it is more ready to accept the food that will enter and can prevent overeating or overeating
3. ) Drink before bath
Drinking a glass of warm water before bathing can help dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure during bathing, thereby avoiding a stinging sensation when flushing the body.
4. ) Drink a lot when sick
When sick, especially fever, keep the body from dehydration and can make the condition worse. Drink little but often to keep the body well hydrated
5. ) Drink before bed
Drinking before bed is very good to keep the body hydrated during sleep. But limit it to drinking a maximum of 1 hour before bed so you don't experience sleep disturbances due to the urge to urinate
6. ) Don't drink too often while eating
This can interfere with the process of digesting food and result in nutrients not being absorbed completely. Get around it by drinking 1 glass 30 minutes before eating, 1 glass during eating, and 1 glass 30 minutes after eating
7. ) Don't drink too much while exercising
This can reduce the concentration of sodium in the body and disrupt the body's electrolyte balance which results in fatigue more quickly. Don't drink too quickly right after you finish your workout so it doesn't trigger stomach cramps.

Now you know about drinking water, is it? Let's do it. And don't forget to download the mDoc app for more info.