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Environmental Cleanliness, Help To Keep Healthiness

Last June 5th was observed as World Environment Day and was carried out to increase global awareness of the importance of protecting nature and planet earth, one of which is by keeping the environment clean.

A clean environment will prevent infectious diseases, improve physical and spiritual health, improve people's quality of life, make a more comfortable environment to live in, and reduce the risk of natural disasters such as floods. Meanwhile, a dirty environment is prone to become fields and the spread of germs and diseases such as dengue fever, diarrhea, to typhoid.

A clean environment can be seen from environmental hygiene indicators, including:
1. ) Use of clean water
2. ) Healthy house environment
3. ) Families with ownership of basic sanitation facilities
4. ) Public Places and Food Processing

To get a healthy environment, it is necessary to pay attention to improving the quality of environmental health indicators. This can be started from the simplest and can be done around us, namely keeping the house and yard clean. The ways include not littering, cleaning ditches, separating waste according to its type, disposing of items that become puddles, caring for and repairing damaged houses, not urinating and defecating indiscriminately, and always maintaining the cleanliness of food management and processing.

Remember, environmental cleanliness affects the quality of health. If you experience health problems, consult with our trusted doctors through the mDoc application.