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Contraception For Men, What Are The Type?

June 29 is celebrated as National Family Planning Day. The topic of family planning is never far from the topic of contraception.

Contraception is an effort or effort to prevent pregnancy, either temporarily or permanently by using tools, drugs, or medical measures. Contraception is also a tool to regulate and control the birth rate of babies. Contraception can be done by both women and men, both hormonal and non-hormonal.

The use of contraception is still predominantly done by women, but men can also use effective contraception to prevent fertilization of sperm and ovum. What are the male contraceptives?
1. ) Condom
A thin, elastic sheath such as rubber, made of latex, sheepskin, or polyurethane, and used by draping it over the erect penis, covering the entire surface of the penis.
2. ) Vasectomy
A surgical procedure to bind the sperm ducts to the reproductive organs and aims to prevent the release of sperm during ejaculation.
3. ) Family planning pills
It is known as dimethandrolone undecanoate (DMAU) and contains a steroid molecule that suppresses sperm production.
4. ) Testosterone injection
Drugs that are injected to minimize or eliminate sperm count.
5. ) Vasectomy without surgery
Known as reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance or RISUG, the sperm inhibition method involves inserting a polymer gel containing the chemical SMA/DMSO into the vas deferens so that sperm cannot swim further and kills sperm as they pass through.
6. ) Nestorone-Testosterone Gel
The gel contains a synthetic progestin called progesterone acetate (nestorone), synthetic testosterone, and the hormone estradiol. Its use is applied to the shoulders, arms, and back and will stimulate the gonadotropin hormone to stop working.

Each contraceptive has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to consult a doctor first to select a suitable and effective contraceptive. You and your partner can conduct online and offline consultations with doctors who partner with mDoc through the mDoc application.