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Tips For Children's Screen Time For Optimal Growth

In this digital era, children's screen time is commonplace. Children are used to using gadgets for both needs and entertainment. Moreover, currently the services provided by providers are not only entertainment such as video games, but also education, so that children can learn during their screen time.

However, parental supervision is also needed so that children do not overdo it and become addicted to their screen time. Parents need to know and apply age-appropriate child screen time guidelines to avoid adverse effects such as decreased cognitive abilities, inhibited language development, children have difficulty concentrating, children are easily frustrated, and have difficulty feeling empathy. Parents can also apply their child's screen time tips to make it quality. Here are screen time tips for toddlers that parents can apply according to the recommendations from WHO:
1. ) Accompany children during screen time
Parents need to accompany them to monitor how long their children's screen time is and what content their children watch.
2. ) Keep communicating with children during screen time
Parents can ask how the story goes, the number of characters, the color of the objects, or the moral message that can be drawn from the stories their children watch.
3. ) Choose the content that children watch during screen time
Choose content that is educational, supports children's intelligence, and is age-appropriate.
4. ) Create activities to reduce screen time
The recommended screen time is no more than 1 hour. It would be better if it was less than 1 hour and mostly done with physical activity and direct interaction with people, either by reading a book or playing outside.

If your child has started to become addicted to screen time until signs of adverse effects appear, immediately consult a pediatrician through the mDoc application. You can consult regarding growth and development and how to optimize it.