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Health Facts And Positive Side Of Left-Handed People

Left-handed people have several hidden risks, both due to internal and external factors such as adaptation to an environment designed for right-handed people, such as the risk of mental health problems, breast cancer, stress, negative emotions, PTSD, autoimmune, and premature death. However, left-handed people also have many positive sides in terms of health. What are the positive sides of a left-handed person?

1. More allergy resistant
Based on a joint study between the UK and the United States (US) published in the journal Laterality in March 2001, left-handed people have a lower risk of allergies, ulcers, and arthritis.
2. Potential for faster stroke recovery
When you're sleepy, it's more difficult for your brain to determine the direction of objects or sounds around you, which is called the "spatial neglect" phenomenon and is a sign of post-stroke. A study in England and Australia found that left-handed participants responded better to sounds coming from the opposite direction than right-handed participants. This means that the left-handed group can recover more quickly from post-stroke
conditions than the right-handed group.
3. Faster stimulus response
Researchers in Australia tested the speed of IHTT or interhemispheric transfer time or the speed at which the two hemispheres of the brain exchange information in the left-handed and right-handed groups as a sign of a stimulus response. As a result, the left-handed group had a faster IHTT, and responded to various stimuli more quickly than the right-handed group.
4. Lower risk for Parkinson's disease
Research at the University of Oxford, England, published in the journal Brain in October 2019, found no link between the left-handed group and the risk of Parkinson's disease.

Here are the positives of lefties. If you are left-handed, it's also a good idea to keep practicing to use both hands so that your skills are further honed, such as being more creative and multitasking.

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