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Prepare For Birth Completely, Avoid Baby Blues Coming

Baby blues is one of the most common psychological problems experienced by mothers who have just given birth. Although the baby blues are a mild and common form of depression, it can progress to postpartum depression, a more serious form of psychological problem if not treated promptly.

But there's no need to worry, because the baby blues can be prevented, by sharing feelings with those closest to you, reducing stress with me time or doing activities you like, asking your husband or family for help to take care of the baby, consuming nutritious and balanced food, getting enough rest, and exercising. light.

But the baby blues can also be prevented during pregnancy, the way is to prepare for birth carefully. Make preparations for birth starting from physical, mental, to material. Mothers can make birth plans such as choosing the location, provider, method, and who will accompany the birth process. Don't forget to prepare a backup plan if the initial plan is not realized properly. Mothers can also prepare maternity supplies in a bag so that they are easy to carry when you start to feel the signs of giving birth. It is also necessary to take pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding classes. Mothers will be taught breathing techniques, safe pushing techniques, relaxation, newborn care, how to breastfeed, breastfeeding positions, how to express and store breast milk, and how to deal with breast pain due to blocked milk. Mothers can also share experiences with other mothers. And no less important is the role of the father as a husband who is ready to accompany, as well as share duties and responsibilities. When the mother is ready with the presence of the baby supported by the father who is on standby, then the mother's anxiety will be reduced so that the mother can happily welcome her status as a new mother.

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