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Love Your Heart By Carefully Consume Paracetamol

The world is crowded with the news of kidney failure and death in dozens of children under five years in Gambia, West Africa. This incident was allegedly related to the consumption of paracetamol syrup by the children. Then is it true that paracetamol can have such a bad effect for the kidneys?

Some sources say dose and use error of paracetamol can have severe effects of the liver and kidneys. It is stated that the consumption of paracetamol in high doses continuously, 12-10 tablets with a level of 500mg per tablet, can cause liver damage due to the formation of bonds between liver cell macromolecules with paracetamol intermediate metabolites, namely N-Acetyl-Penzoquinone Imine (NAPQI) . Under normal circumstances, paracetamol metabolism will produce 5% NAPQI and be excreted in urine. In an overdose state, excessive NAPQI production and accumulated in the liver, causing toxicity. This condition is also referred to as paracetamol poisoning.

Someone who experiences paracetamol poisoning will experience signs and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, increased sweat, loss of appetite, cramps or abdominal pain, tenderness in the chest or abdomen, swelling in the abdomen. Conditions that are more serious have signs and symptoms of yellowing of the skin and white parts of the eye, loss of coordination, and low blood sugar levels.

This sign or symptom of poisoning appears several hours after swallowing the hepatotoxic dose which is an injury or liver damage caused by exposure to drugs such as paracetamol.

Someone who experiences paracetamol poisoning requires immediate medical help so as not to end in fatal things such as liver failure to death. And they don't need to have all signs and symptoms of poisoning to require medical help. 2 to 3 signs and symptoms are sufficient to determine that a person experiences drug poisoning and requires medical help as soon as possible.

Aid that can be done on people with paracetamol poisoning is immediately looking for medical help, do CPR if the victim is unconscious and loss of pulse or breathing, clean the victim's throat and mouth for the airway, find out the cause of the overdose to facilitate medical staff to provide help, do not give Any food or drink that is considered to be able to neutralize the poison, make the victim in a comfortable position, and stay accompanying the victim while waiting for medical help.

If you experience illness and feel you need paracetamol, never make an independent diagnosis and consume paracetamol according to your assumptions even though paracetamol is traded freely. We recommend that you consult your doctor first to determine whether you need it or what is the right dose for you. To make it easier for you, you can do tele consultations with doctors through the MDOC application. Only by chat or videocall the doctor is able to overcome the problem of your paracetamol needs.