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Even Positive Covid-19, Breastfeeding Mothers Can Give Breast Milk To Babies

It has been 2 years since the COVID-19 virus has infected Indonesia, and it is also known that this virus does not indiscriminately attack anyone, including breastfeeding mothers. Then can breastfeeding mothers who have confirmed COVID-19 still breastfeed their babies?

Breast milk is an important intake that is the main source of food for babies in the first 6 months of life. Breast milk also contains antibodies that function to fight viruses and bacteria. However, not a few breastfeeding mothers who are confirmed to have COVID-19 are hesitant to give breast milk to their babies for fear of infecting the baby during the breastfeeding process.

The fact is that mothers who are confirmed to have COVID-19 can still breastfeed directly to their babies while still following health protocols. This is supported by various studies which have found that breast milk is not a means of transmitting COVID-19. However, the following should be noted,

1.) Wash hands with soap and running water, clean the breast and nipple area and change clothes before breastfeeding
2.) Use a mask when breastfeeding
3.) Clean surrounding objects and feeding equipment with disinfectant before and after feeding
4.) Avoid touching the baby's eyes, nose and mouth
5.) Express breast milk or give formula milk if the mother feels symptoms of COVID-19, is unable to breastfeed directly, or is afraid that the risk of transmission is high. During the process of expressing breast milk or giving formula, mothers must also maintain health protocols and ensure that the tools and equipment for pumping breast milk and milk bottles are clean.

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