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We Provide Health Service In A Convenient & Safe Environment

Post Discharged Monitoring Program

Chat and Video-call with Doctor

Laboratorium Home Service

Online Prescription Refill

Health Screening & Risk Prediction

Medical Appointment Booking

Digital medical Records

Personalize Medical Advices

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Inspiring Stories!

“I am grateful to know mDoc and Chelsea Oh, a Singaporean who has worked for the Ministry of Health for several years, so she knows good doctors in Singapore. Not only doctors that most Indonesians know, but the ones who are actually recognized as good by Singaporeans.”

“The application is good, easy to use, you don't have to worry about making an appointment with the doctor, it helps if you have symptoms of illness.”

“The application is easy to understand. Save time if you want to make an appointment with the doctor. I feel really helped. Anyway, cool application.”

“The mDoc application is very simple so that it is easy to use by all ages and CS is very helpful in determining the right health service.”

“Very helpful for telecommunications, medicine prescription, and other medical needs.”

“It's great when you need to consult a doctor without leaving the house. mDoc app from mHealthbank is very helpful.”

“The application is easy to understand and easy for users, it can be used to make appointments with doctors even easier.”

“Thats Ok, although still new and much to be developed. But I am satisfied with the consultation here because the doctor is very detailed during the consultation. Can video chat too.”

“The application is cool and makes it easy if you want to make an appointment with a doctor. Save time and energy. Thank you.”

“Cool app. Easy to understand. Good job. Saving time. It's easier to make an appointment with the doctor. I like it. I like it.”

“CIts cool app makes it easy to meet and make appointments with doctors, saving time and effort.”

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