Security Policy


PT. mHealthBank Rising Care (MHB) realizes that information is a company asset that must be safeguarded. Therefore, MHB is committed to implementing an international standard Information Security Management System which aims to provide protection for information so that its availability, integrity and confidentiality are guaranteed. To prove this commitment, we set this policy to always ensure that the following matters are carried out in daily activities by management, workers and third parties working with MHB, namely:

1.) Fulfillment of information security targets as an indicator of the Information Security Management System performance.

2.) Conduct and evaluate information security risk assessments on a regular basis.

3.) There are sufficient resources necessary to implement an Information Security Management System effectively.

4.) Implementation of any policies / guidelines / standards / procedures related to the Information Security Management System consistently and effectively.

5.) The implementation of routine awareness raising on information security.

6.) The running of continuous improvements to the performance of the Information Security Management System.

7.) Always comply with all rules and regulations related to information security applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and the area where the work is carried out.