Transforming The Delivery Experience

Connecting you with healthcare providers seamlessly, in a convenient, comprehensive, and safe environment - with modern design.

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Consult the right doctor based on symptoms

Leave unnecessary consultations behind. We recommend the right and best doctors from various disciplines based on the symptoms you are experiencing.

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Book a Queue-Free Appointment

We ensure you get a consultation with a doctor either through chat, video call, or in person. Book now without queuing and enjoy your consultation.

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Know Your Health Risk Instantly

Provides health screening services that you can use to detect how much you are at risk, prevent the progression of some diseases from getting worse & give doctors a head start.

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Unable Or Lazy To Go Out? Don't Worry, We Provide In-Home Services

We will visit your home to take samples which will then be tested in a qualified laboratory. Don't worry, your data and samples remain safe and confidential.

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Worried About Post-Discharge? We'll Take Care of Your Monitoring Program

Post-hospitalization conditions are sometimes worrying because you have not fully recovered. You can ensure your recovery with our post-discharge monitoring program.

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Online Medication Refill From Overseas

You can redeem prescription medicines online from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries that are not available in your country. We ensure the best medicine for your medication convenience.

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Updated and Internationally Usable Digital Medical Records

Digital medical records make it easy for you and your current healthcare provider to get up-to-date and detailed health status. No need for unnecessary re-checks, all results and history will be there.

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The Best and Most Ethical Doctors in the Field

Confused and not sure which doctor you should see? Recognize your symptoms and only our best doctors will treat you and provide health advice according to your personal condition.